Do Something


At C3 Coffee Co. our motto is Drink Coffee, Do Something. We exist to empower others to do something and make a difference. We lead the charge by giving away all of our profit and donations to communities in need.


To date, we have donated over $450,000



C3 is owned and operated by The Rock Church, in Conway SC. C3 was a dream turned reality that The Rock created to love the community in a different way, while providing a space for community to happen. The Rock uses 100% of the profit and donations from C3 to "Do Something" and help people in need. 



One other aspect of C3, is that we house campuses for The Rock Church to hold services inside on Sundays. This has become a huge asset to the community as a catalyst for growth and change. 






We also believe that People Matter. We ensure that everyone involved in the coffee producing chain is compensated and treated well for their work. We partner with Balzac Brothers coffee to ensure no slave labor is used on coffee farms, and we don't negotiate prices for the coffee. We let the producers tell us what to pay, and we pay it. All of our origins are farm direct, and we know the money paid for the coffee trickles down to the producers and their families.