Monthly Coffee Subscription

Shipping Available

With this subscription, we will ship you coffee of your choice every month, with free shipping! Choose your origin, and how you’d like your beans, whole or ground, and we’ll do the rest.

$0.00 / month

Brazil Fazennda Do Salto Peaberry

Chocolate, Buttery, Caramel, Hazelnut, Natural Process

Mexico Union Juarez Honey Process

This is by far the best Mexico we’ve ever experienced. It’s a honey process micro lot and we’ve only got a few bags to last us this year.

Guatemala Ixlama

Strawberry, Bright, Clean, Fully Washed

Honduras Beneficio Santa Rosa

Chocolate, Grape, Light Berry, Washed.

Organic Ethiopia Gedeb

Berry Jam, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Natural

SWP Decaf Ethiopia

Milk Chocolate, Granola, Rose, Berry, Swiss Water Proccessed


One of our baristas will randomly select your coffee origin for your orders. This way, you get to try different coffees and venture into the unknown.

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